Wednesday, September 3, 2008

so ooooo long. so oooory!

oh, i'm so sorry it has been so long. i'm completely wiped out. sometime late last year i hired a woman to help me out in the studio. she was a wonderful assistant. she came a few days a week. we had lots of fun. she helped me out with cutting and pleating and ironing and making jokes about the bbc news broadcast and trying out new music and eating warm bowls of rice every day for lunch...but, about 2 months ago, i had to let her go on to other things. she's a wonderful person and i miss her. i did okay for a while, but it has all caught up with me and i've been sewing for long long long hours to fill orders. i'm pooped. so, i've had little time to tell you about all the goings on. (and if you're waiting for an order, you likely have received an email from me....thanks for your (my customers) are wonderful!)

good news, though. yesterday, i had a (much needed) conversation with a good friend. every time i have talked to her over the last few days, i just cry and have exhausted breakdowns (that's how my body and mind react to stress and tiredness...i just cry). i have been thinking of ways to ease my work load a bit, but have been so overwhelmed by the amount of work i have to do that i have not even had time to think of ways to act on it (i know, it's the best problem to have...i just need to manage it properly or i will not be able to sustain it). but, paula is a great sounding board and did a great job of gently telling me that i do not have to do everything myself. and really, letting another person (who is not tied to the business in the way i am) help me out is a good good thing! so, i've hired someone to do piece work. there are a lot of 'behind the scenes' stitches that i can let someone else do without letting go of ownership. those of you with a moop bag on your shoulder likely know they are very labor intensive. i do not cut corners and my patterns are rather involved (only because i am completely self taught in the world of sewing and re-invented the wheel while i was designing, refining and developing all of the bags)...complexity to achieve simplicity, i guess. but, this new development will mean every bag will just get better and i will be able to get some of the new designs that are whirling around in my head into the shop/s. it will be a few weeks before it gets to the point of easing up some of the sewing time for me, but it will be so nice when it does. and, maybe i will cry less, because moop should not make anyone cry...unless it is out of sheer joy and gratuitous admiration...

oh, one more was the first day of school for parker. 4th grade. so, what was i doing at 7:45 this morning while she was eating her bagel? ....making her a pencil case. i know, i'm nuts. it needs a few more renditions before you'll see it in the shop..but, i rather like it...she does too. she told me she could easily get her pencils out of it during class without making a peep. that's success if you ask me.


  1. I have been reading your blog for a long time and have always wondered how you got everything done. Frankly I'm a little relieved it isn't as easy as it seemed because I was feeling extremely inadequate. I hope your new help does make it easier for you to cope with your business and I hope you will keep your readers in the loop over your progress. Do you do all your own paperwork too? I'm considering setting up a shop too but it all seems so hard.

  2. Good luck, Wendy! I'm about to start making my handbags for the Garlic and Arts Festival that comes up in two weeks. I don't know how I will get it all done, they waited until a month before to let me know someone had dropped out and I was in! UGH! Best of luck to you, I admire your work and hope to open my shop soon.


  3. Yea, you should have help to sew all of your bags! That means we seen new designs sooner! Then you'll need two people to help! Lol. Vicious cycle.

  4. I know what you mean about exhaustion and workload (and I'm nowhere near as busy as you are). I did adjust offerings when things got too much a few months back (like working until midnight-1am every night and getting up at 6am for Lucy) - now I rarely sew in the evening (at least not after 10pm), and I feel so much better for it (not to mention look healthier). It's extremely tempting to spend every minute sewing and running shop but sooner or later there'll be burnout. It was a great move on your part hiring someone to help out. And never hold back a cry - it's very therapeutic!

  5. This so hit home with me. Have been dealing with similar issues at work---me taking on so very many duties and tasks and responsibilities, and being grateful for it, and also feeling on the verge (at times) of imploding. It's so exciting to know that you are getting so many requests for your work; I think hiring someone else to help is another stage in the journey. Take care of yourself and (in the words of the Emperor Augustus) festina lente: Make haste slowly.

    The pencil case is, excuse the terrible pun, just snappy.


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