Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some things for today

Here are some things from the last several weeks:

Parker planted this avocado seed before she left for camp in July. She left me strict instructions to water it every day (i always forget to water things...and then they die). But, I diligently watered it because I did not want to let her down. Nothing happened at was nothing but an empty pot of dirt the whole time she was gone. But, she arrived home and within three days it had sprouted! It was just waiting for her!

Last weekend we were invited to a balsa plane fly-off. My dad used to keep balsa planes in his sock drawer and when we complained of having nothing to do, he would pull them out, give us each one of our own and we would fly them around the yard. So, there was a bit of nostalgia in wanting to participate in this fly-off put on by an artist couple not far from where we live. Thanks to Will & Paula for inviting us! You can find more photos on my flickr page.

This is the pile of scraps underneath my sewing table. I produce a lot of scrap. A big box is going into the mail to Jamie of PGHTravelAgency...I'm looking forward to the results.

While reading DesignMilk this morning, I came across a link to Cibone..then I fell in love with the Gala Chest.

and I'm not sure why? but, this rabbit lamp, too.....?

Now, I'm off to sew...for the rest of the day.

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