Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you!

Last week, I received a fantastic email in my inbox. It was from Venus Zine...after reading and re-reading, then emailing to confirm that I did not receive their email in error...really wanting to confirm that they were not playing an early April Fools joke on me, they did in fact confirm....Moop is officially one of the best DIY businesses of the 2008 VenusZine Hottt list! And, you all voted us as such! Thank you so much! I've prepared a short acceptance speech.

Just kidding.

Except that I can't thank you enough! What a reward to know you all think so much of us! You are awesome.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a few things....

Hi! I hope you all liked that little glimpse into my daily process last week. I'll try to post more videos soon. This week, I'm sewing and sewing and sewing everyday getting closer to being on top of my order volume again. I've been on a 3 week turnaround for the last 2 months and am getting closer and closer to being back to my typical 2 week turnaround (soon maybe even 1 week!). Thanks so much for all of the orders! You all are pretty awesome...pretty and awesome with those great bags you're carrying around, too!

So, I have made little mention of this coming election, wanting to keep things non-partisan with my fabulous customers - not wanting to alienate anyone...but, it's getting close and I want to pass along a few things..... GO VOTE! Please, it's up to us!

There is an amazing project, called Vote 4 November, by an amazing artist, that you all can take part in. I had the good fortune of working with Michel Mercil while in grad school and he is a genius (to say the least). He is also humble and would never accept that title, but it is deserving. Anyhow, he has recently made these non-partisan get out the vote posters for you to print out and disseminate at your leisure (put them everywhere!). He has provided links on the site for you to download high and low res. files as well as wheat-pasting instructions and recipes. All of those voter registrations will mean nothing if you don't actually get up and cast your ballot. SO DO IT! NOVEMBER 4TH - VOTE 4 NOVEMBER


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sewing with Moop

This is me sewing straps yesterday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More new bags for chilly weather (or any weather)

The Porter just went through a bit of an upgrade. The interior now has two large pouch pockets and one large zipper pocket (more possibility for organization). And, it is now made with a removable and adjustable strap. It's exactly what this bag wanted. A large bag needs to have flexibility. I try to design things so they look great with a ton of things inside or just a few. I like design that works on every level...which is why my process is slow and steady, always building upon previous designs. I'm really excited about the new Porter. I think you will be too.

It is available with options on the website - you can choose with the removable strap or sans strap. You will find the listings in the Etsy and Supermarket shops with the adjustable strap only - there is no way to make options without having 1000 listings at a time and I don't like to do makes things too complicated. So, if you want options, go to where everything is a bit more

Oh, and that amazing scarf I'm wearing? yup, it's by yokoo.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want... Wearflock. Find it here.
found via this fabulous Storque article.

Monday, October 13, 2008 the shop

The New Fraulein Tote in Black. Find it here.

The Duffel in Rosewood. Find it here.

And, at long last....the new Tote in gunmetal gray. Find it here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Books

I listen to a lot of radio and audio books while I work. I'm the only one here for most of the day, and it helps to keep me on track, keep me smiling and to keep me informed. Yesterday, I listed to Sarah Vowell's, The Partly Cloudy Patriot. Not only is it hilarious and insightful (as all of her books are), it is the perfect listen for this turbulent political season we are in. If you are like me (meaning the debates, news clips, mis-quotes and mud-slinging make you go on long ranting speeches to anyone who will listen), then this will calm your nerves and bring a smile to your face without making you feel like you're avoiding current events. And, it will make you want to have Sarah Vowell as your friend (if I could be so lucky!).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Diesel Sweeties is funny.

There's this guy, he writes smart, funny, quippy comics about piexelated robots, girls and 'relationships'...almost like a weird cross between the SuperMario of early Nintendo days and Dan's called Diesel Sweeties. And once you make it through the incredibly addictive archives of cute robot humor you should take a look at the merch. Jeremy and I spent so much time laughing at just about everything on his site last night.

Particularly the above t-shirt. It reminds me of how easily my 10 year old daughter can strip me of all sense of maturity and drag me into, yeah huh...nuh uh...yeah huh....nuh uh....yeah huh...nuh uh. "debates." ....just like the internet can.

He lives down the hall from me. I don't know him. We have exchanged a few words. we say hi when we see each other and we have talked about sharing a beer (we really should!). He was super nice when we moved in. He shared his internet connection with us until ours was set up. I had no idea of the comic genius that was behind all of the hello's and neighborliness until a few months, now I guess I can say things like...oh yeah, I know Diesel's created right down the hall from me (as though I have some part in the brilliance) (i don't). You should read some today, during your lunch will make you laugh...and laughing is important.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Work work work

Our workspace was featured on Workalicious (awesome..thanks!). A blog all about work spaces, furniture within those spaces and the importance of enjoying the space you inhabit for most of the day. Take a look here.

Also new in the shop/s today are a few new colors of the Bookbag. Now you can see the Black, Gunmetal and Rosewood in real live photos (and if you're so real life! just click that 'add to cart" button). Oh! and the new Fraulein Tote is in the Supermarket shop, too!

While uploading to Supermarket I became a little distracted by these lovely vases by Papaver Vert. Their bowls and containers made from felted wool are just so appealing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008 of last night!

i have been wanting to make changes to The Fraulein Tote for soOOo long...but have had very little time for designing new things. I work best under pressure (really, i do!) and I have a rather large set of Fraulein Tote's that have been what better time to work on a re-design than when you have an impending amount of orders to fill, eh?!? Anyhow...I am excited about the newest Fraulein....I'm hoping to have it in the shop later today...along with the new's exciting...i know.

UPDATE, later that night:
note to self...don't type blog posts before morning coffee.  "impending amount of orders"  uh...what? that does not make sense...let's switch that for... large amount of orders...or, a lot of orders.
you should point that out to me next time...i would prefer to be grammatically correct. 
have a great night!  i heard there's going to be some serious political theatre on the tele tonight...i know i'll be watching..popcorn in hand.