Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Diesel Sweeties is funny.

There's this guy, he writes smart, funny, quippy comics about piexelated robots, girls and 'relationships'...almost like a weird cross between the SuperMario of early Nintendo days and Dan Savage...it's called Diesel Sweeties. And once you make it through the incredibly addictive archives of cute robot humor you should take a look at the merch. Jeremy and I spent so much time laughing at just about everything on his site last night.

Particularly the above t-shirt. It reminds me of how easily my 10 year old daughter can strip me of all sense of maturity and drag me into, yeah huh...nuh uh...yeah huh....nuh uh....yeah huh...nuh uh. "debates." ....just like the internet can.

He lives down the hall from me. I don't know him. We have exchanged a few words. we say hi when we see each other and we have talked about sharing a beer (we really should!). He was super nice when we moved in. He shared his internet connection with us until ours was set up. I had no idea of the comic genius that was behind all of the hello's and neighborliness until a few months ago...so, now I guess I can say things like...oh yeah, I know Diesel Sweeties....it's created right down the hall from me (as though I have some part in the brilliance) (i don't). You should read some today, during your lunch break...it will make you laugh...and laughing is important.

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