Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a few things....

Hi! I hope you all liked that little glimpse into my daily process last week. I'll try to post more videos soon. This week, I'm sewing and sewing and sewing everyday getting closer to being on top of my order volume again. I've been on a 3 week turnaround for the last 2 months and am getting closer and closer to being back to my typical 2 week turnaround (soon maybe even 1 week!). Thanks so much for all of the orders! You all are pretty awesome...pretty and awesome with those great bags you're carrying around, too!

So, I have made little mention of this coming election, wanting to keep things non-partisan with my fabulous customers - not wanting to alienate anyone...but, it's getting close and I want to pass along a few things..... GO VOTE! Please, it's up to us!

There is an amazing project, called Vote 4 November, by an amazing artist, that you all can take part in. I had the good fortune of working with Michel Mercil while in grad school and he is a genius (to say the least). He is also humble and would never accept that title, but it is deserving. Anyhow, he has recently made these non-partisan get out the vote posters for you to print out and disseminate at your leisure (put them everywhere!). He has provided links on the site for you to download high and low res. files as well as wheat-pasting instructions and recipes. All of those voter registrations will mean nothing if you don't actually get up and cast your ballot. SO DO IT! NOVEMBER 4TH - VOTE 4 NOVEMBER


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