Friday, October 17, 2008

More new bags for chilly weather (or any weather)

The Porter just went through a bit of an upgrade. The interior now has two large pouch pockets and one large zipper pocket (more possibility for organization). And, it is now made with a removable and adjustable strap. It's exactly what this bag wanted. A large bag needs to have flexibility. I try to design things so they look great with a ton of things inside or just a few. I like design that works on every level...which is why my process is slow and steady, always building upon previous designs. I'm really excited about the new Porter. I think you will be too.

It is available with options on the website - you can choose with the removable strap or sans strap. You will find the listings in the Etsy and Supermarket shops with the adjustable strap only - there is no way to make options without having 1000 listings at a time and I don't like to do makes things too complicated. So, if you want options, go to where everything is a bit more

Oh, and that amazing scarf I'm wearing? yup, it's by yokoo.


  1. i love love the photo with the blue one! i think this is my favorite bag yet.

  2. Hello,

    I bought one of your bags when you first started Moop.

    It has been dragged from one side of the country to the other, and even been on a short overseas trip.
    But sadly my grey market bag with the kick arse orange rip stop lining is starting to look a little tired, it has been relegated to "beach bag" status.

    Now I have my eyes on the lovely, gorgeous organic market bag. Soon it shall be mine.

    Thank you for your blog, I love reading how you are progressing with your business.
    Whatever happened to the idea of childrens clothes ? Is this something you would still like to pursue ?

    I adore reading about your town and the little glimpses you allow into your personal lives. I particularly love the seasons you seem to experience.

    Caroline from Australia


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