Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alice Walker

A letter, from one of the most important contemporary voices, to the most historic new President.

If you would like to hear Alice Walker read her open letter to Obama, listen to yesterday's Democracy Now.


  1. Just a disclaimer. This was the original citing source for the letter (which, I feel, is beautifully written and eloquently poised), but upon reading the comments to the article, posted on The Root, I want to make clear how disgraceful it is that such hatred exists. I do not support or condone hate speech of any kind.

  2. thanks for posting this, wendy! even though some of those comments were downright ignorant, it was still nice to alice walker's beautiful letter as well as comments from people who, like me, are glad to see the new direction this country will be taking. thank you again.

  3. wendy,
    thank you so much for sharing this letter. it's absolutely beautiful ...
    i was truly saddened to see the hateful and ignorant comments...
    if we could all, only, live by the golden rule...
    i am going to share this letter with some of my students... thank you, again.


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