Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i NEED tunes

m u s i c m u s i c m u s i c i need n e w m u s i c

so, when jeremy and i got together we consolidated our music libraries (*ahem* really, i added a few songs to his extensive library) and we now have 99.38GB of music. so WHY CAN'T I FIND ANYTHING TO LISTEN TO?!!

here's what i've been playing non-stop for the last few weeks:

Electrelane (Power Out and No Shouts No Calls)
Le Tigre (i like em all...even if they all sound pretty much the same)
Operation Ivy (can't resist...one of my all time favs)
The Fall (Infotainment Scan)
Pixies (Trompe Le Monde and Surfa Rosa)
Sea and Cake (One Bedroom) (and Sam Prekop - Who's Your New Professor)
Smog (all of it)
Bonnie Prince Billy (Lie Down the Light)
Fleet Foxes (i killed that album..can't listen anymore)
Fugazi (various albums...End Hits is so good)
The Raincoats
The Mountain Goats

so...where do i go from here? give me suggestions! i need something new!

p.s. i'll add links to all those bands later...i'm procrastinating and must get to work right now.
p.p.s. have a great day!


  1. FIERY FURNACES 'Gallows Bark'- an oldie but a goodie. real good 'girl power' music http://www.thefieryfurnaces.com/

    BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- 'The letting Go' - he never gets old. and this album was recorded in iceland

    MUM- all their albums- http://www.mumweb.net/
    but 'Yesterday was dramatic today is ok- is a fave.

    HOPEFORAGOLDENSUMMER- absolutly dreamy... http://www.hopeforagoldensummer.com

    love your blog. and your bags.


  2. put all those bands into pandora.com and let it discover some new bands for you.

    i listen to pandora almost every day.

  3. Ditto on Pandora. I also think you might like the new Breeders album "Mountain Battles," or how about some Cat Power? In my opinion, "The Greatest" really is her greatest.

  4. I can't beat snowpatrol when i'm sewing and their new album is very good, you could try The Script, big up and coming Irish indie band.

  5. For some Christmas flavor, try Sufjan Stevens's Christmas collection:


    For that matter, anything by him.

  6. Phil,Billy,Nelly,Fifty,EasyE,Gil Mantera's Party Dream

    ha! Phil,Bill, Gill----oooo we need a Jill?
    Hmmm...Jill Scott.
    I love a theme!
    Title for the mix:
    Amnesia Diner!!!!!

  7. I got a couple I like to sew to...

    -Jose Gonzales
    -Bon Iver
    -Tilly and the Wall
    -The Gossip
    -Built To Spill

    Just to name a few.

    P.S. I love Love LOVE your Fraulein Tote. I really do!

  8. I love to listen to the soundtrack to "Once" and my daughter had me listen to "Into the Wild" soundtrack when she was last visiting, but she wouldn't leave it with me; so now I have to buy it.

    I'm going to try pandora myself.

  9. Sia Furlong is my "new" find. She is great!

    Here are short bites from her collection:


  10. I'd recommend the folloing new music:

    -Redheart the Ticker
    -Animal Collective

    I'd also recommend AC Newman's solo work as well as any/all New Pornographers.

    I'm also a ridiculous Amy Mann fan...he singing/songwriting is timeless.

    I could talk about music for. ever.

  11. here's a few of mine:
    The Ting Tings (so very fun to dance around to):

    Starfucker (they are actual quite tame even though the name suggests something else):
    http://www.badmanrecordingco.com/artists /starfucker.html

    Andrew Bird (when you listen to him, you feel like he's the most lovely person ever):

    Passion Pit: http://www.myspace.com/passionpitjams
    I can't explain them, but here's one of their videos:

    Metric (Canadian band, who's been around for awhile, but I really like them. I really like the last album (live it out). Some members are in Broken Social Scene at times too): www.welovemetric.com

    Whispertown 2000 (They have a new album "swim" which is pretty folky but not in an annoying way):

    Au (pronounced Aye you, best listened through headphones so you can listen to all the little bits that make this swelling sound): http://au-au-au.com/

    Beach House: I don't know too much about them, but their new video "Use to be" has been floating around the web recently

    This is a good mix:

    And these are just some fun places to listen to videos:

    I hope this helps ^_^
    p.s. I bought a small bag (the one that connected through a belt) from you awhile ago and love it

  12. Because I am there, more and more, maybe something mainstream. Like if you were to survey, oh I dont know, a thousand people, something at least one of them would recognize. I feel like 20 gigs in to the shuffle and I am still listening to everything for the first time.

    Love David

  13. Might I suggest:
    The Little Ones
    M. Ward
    Fionn Regan
    We're from Barcelona

  14. I second the bon Iver and would also recommend Okkervil River (I mlike 'em all, but The Stage Names is the catchiest probably), Archer Prewitt (also in Sea and Cake), oh! and the new Deerhunter which is not psych/ grunge rock like their others. Very lovely.

    Great bags and blog!

  15. From a Canadian who seconds the suggestion you listen to Metric and has a few other Canadian suggestions...


    The Wailin Jennys--40 Days and other albums

    If you like Operation Ivy Ivy and Fugazi, you might enjoy SNFU

    Check out G7 Welcoming Committee artists at g7welcomingcommittee.net especially Greg MacPherson and Warsaw Pack


    So many more... Do Make Say Think, Apostle of Hustle, The Weakerthans, Moneen...

  16. anything by The Duhks...but Migrations is great working music :)

  17. I like yr taste in music.

    My current faves are:

    -Little Claw
    -The Carpenters
    -Magik Markers


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