Thursday, November 13, 2008

Street With A View

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Take a stroll down Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh PA (my fav. city). I guarantee you will feel better after this virtual walk. Be sure to peek in doorways and down deep alleyways. Watch out for laser beams and sword fights, confetti storms and chickens. Be prepared for anything.

Click here for more info about Sampsonia Way. Take your walk first, though..:)

**note** i just realized a bunch of people posted about this (i've been on hiatus from blog reading for so long)...sorry to be redundant. i didn't post any credit for this post, because the credit goes to my husband who used to teach at carnegie mellon, where ben is a student.


  1. That is just the coolest thing. Thanks for sharing it. In the google view of our street you can see our very unfinished house. They drove by right after we bought it and started tearing it apart. :-)


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