Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 piles high and neck deep

We did it! We got all of our holiday orders made, packaged and shipped! Many of you will be pleasantly surprised to receive bags you likely were not expecting until after the New Year...but we have been sewing and cutting and ironing and pleating and pinning and sewing and sewing and sewing to get everything done. None of it would have happened had it not been for my team of super reliable, patient, hard working and lovely assistants. A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to Sarah, Amy, David, Nita and Jeremy. Not once did they look at me and say, You're nuts Wendy! There's no way you can get all of this done in time for holiday! they didn't! They all said, OK...what do you need me to do? They are amazing. Today was the last shipment we made - with 52 boxes dropped off this morning we are now ready to enjoy the snow.

It has been snowing since about 1pm yesterday and still at 1pm today it's coming steadily down. Last night, when Jeremy and Parker went to take care of shoveling out the cars, Parker came back in and said, "The snow is SO DEEP! It's up to my knees!" Someone should really tell the kid, that is called exaggeration and there is a huge difference between your knee and your ankle. But, today, 24 hours of snow later, the snow is neck deep!

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  1. WOW, Congratulations! You are truly amazing!


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