Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moving Day - take two

Good morning! I hope your week has been full of exciting adventures and new discoveries! We, here at Moop and family, have been in the throws of moving, settling, sorting, organizing and - yes - moving again. Today is the pack up of the apartment. Tomorrow is the move down the hall. Even though we are only going half a block away, it has turned everything upside down. The studio move was huge. For sure, the largest part of our upheaval. It will take much longer to get everything sorted out for the studio than it will our apartment. I have moved apartments so many times in my adult life, it seems like I can always get things in mostly the right spots in very little time. It doesn't change the amount of physical energy needed to move...but, the settling part is, I think, a bit easier. Moving a business, though...this is new to me. So many things about Moop have been so much a product of the environment. All week I've been worrying that I would loose some secret ingredient I didn't know I had. Have you ever listened to that This American Life episode about the Hot Dog factory in Chicago? (it's act 14, starts about 34:12) I've been worried that I've left behind my Irving.

We'll find out together.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Almost Connected

we moved everything into the new space last weekend and we are slowly settling in. things have taken longer than expected (as those things do, of course). even with the most optimistic of timelines, inevitably there will be delays. luckily we have only had a few and we are back up and running! i'll post some photos soon - my image editing computer crashed last week and (with the move) i have not had an opportunity to address its ailments. as well, we have been without internet in the new space which has made my response times quite slow - if you have sent an email in the last week, i will respond shortly...i have been trying to answer as many as i can...but, alas, i am my own admin assistant and i should be fired! we are doing a big production run today and tomorrow (so much for that new year's resolution to not work on weekends) and hope to make a huge shipment on Monday. i'll update with more interesting thoughts after the weekend.

enjoy yourselves!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Building 8 is great.

The new cutting table.

We have been hard at work transitioning the studio to the new space. Here's a peek at our progress. Things are moving amazingly fast. Credit goes to Brendan and Jeremy who have worked at lightning speed. They pulled up all the masonite that was covering the wood slat floors and sealed everything with polyurethane in one day...ONE DAY! They have been building walls, cleaning, organizing, building shelves, installing new lights and electrical outlets. It looks amazing in there. All the while, I have been upstairs sewing while everything disappears around me. I did a set of cutting yesterday and within 30 minutes of finishing, all of my fabric had been moved! I think all in all, there will only be 3 or 4 days of total down time from production. I will need to spend some time organizing the new space, but we built all new tables and tons of shelves so there will be plenty of space to work and store things. I'm so excited! If you want to see more images of our progress, I just uploaded a bunch of images to flickr.

p.s. our apartment has been rented.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

new diggs

We have been running on high speed from the end of November though the beginning of January. Holiday orders were fantastic and we worked extra long hours to keep up with everything. Once xmas finally made it here we were pooped (holidays take on a very different role when you are a maker of things people want for holiday gifts). We took a few days off to recover but, then it was right back to work. In the midst of all the sewing for order fulfillment, Jeremy started building some new (and very needed) work tables for my studio - he is awesome.

The table I currently have was built with no real objective. We had just moved here, I had barely finished grad school, I was jobless and did not know what I was doing with myself. In an effort to give me a place to think and make, Jeremy built a huge and versatile table with shelves and clean wide surfaces so I could do whatever my little heart desired. Shortly after this, I discovered Etsy and listed a few bags I had been making (take a look at the first bags...quite a bit of improvement has happened since then!) not knowing what it would turn into. I feel very fortunate that so many things fell in line and Moop has evolved into an up and coming brand...I'm happy that it has taken over my life (who knows what would have happened had Jeremy not given me a table?!). It is super hard work and very fulfilling with many exciting things planned for this year. One of which is a temporary change to my studio space. We have hopes of buying a building that will house the three of us along with my studio and Jeremy's studio. But, *le sigh* we are not independently wealthy and we must save for such things. So, we are downsizing our current living space. Our beautiful, light filled live/work space will become just a live space and I will begin working in our Building 8 studio.

It's a huge space with a great energy and I love being in there.

In going through the ways to rearrange our lives, with as little disruption as possible, we decided a move was necessary and that we would move to a tiny tiny apartment near the Building 8 studio (which is in the building we currently live in). When we went to give notice on our apartment, our landlords mentioned an opening in the, we're moving to a much smaller apartment just down the hall! I'm so excited! It will not only help us to save up for a house/building, but it will make our live/work arrangement super compatible to our lives.

So, the big news, is....our loft is available!

If you live in Western Massachusetts or want to move to the area, feel free to get in touch with either myself or the building management to see the space. You can find photos here. It's an amazing space. It has three 15 foot windows that look out to a beautiful mountain and a charming pond. It is always flooded with light, has 2 enclosed bedrooms, two lofted spaces, 20 foot ceilings, lots of open floor space, original wood floors (from its factory days), a spiral staircase, tons of closets and you would be my neighbor!

Monday, January 5, 2009