Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moving Day - take two

Good morning! I hope your week has been full of exciting adventures and new discoveries! We, here at Moop and family, have been in the throws of moving, settling, sorting, organizing and - yes - moving again. Today is the pack up of the apartment. Tomorrow is the move down the hall. Even though we are only going half a block away, it has turned everything upside down. The studio move was huge. For sure, the largest part of our upheaval. It will take much longer to get everything sorted out for the studio than it will our apartment. I have moved apartments so many times in my adult life, it seems like I can always get things in mostly the right spots in very little time. It doesn't change the amount of physical energy needed to move...but, the settling part is, I think, a bit easier. Moving a business, though...this is new to me. So many things about Moop have been so much a product of the environment. All week I've been worrying that I would loose some secret ingredient I didn't know I had. Have you ever listened to that This American Life episode about the Hot Dog factory in Chicago? (it's act 14, starts about 34:12) I've been worried that I've left behind my Irving.

We'll find out together.


  1. I have a feeling you are "Irving". Asolutely love your work. Good luck.


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