Saturday, January 24, 2009

Almost Connected

we moved everything into the new space last weekend and we are slowly settling in. things have taken longer than expected (as those things do, of course). even with the most optimistic of timelines, inevitably there will be delays. luckily we have only had a few and we are back up and running! i'll post some photos soon - my image editing computer crashed last week and (with the move) i have not had an opportunity to address its ailments. as well, we have been without internet in the new space which has made my response times quite slow - if you have sent an email in the last week, i will respond shortly...i have been trying to answer as many as i can...but, alas, i am my own admin assistant and i should be fired! we are doing a big production run today and tomorrow (so much for that new year's resolution to not work on weekends) and hope to make a huge shipment on Monday. i'll update with more interesting thoughts after the weekend.

enjoy yourselves!


1 comment:

  1. i have just ordered my market bag and cannot, repeat, CANNOT wait!!! soooo excited! love love love your bags, simply sublime.


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