Thursday, February 12, 2009

Psst-Shhh curated by Tim Kinsella

Hello Chicago! Go to Heaven Gallery tomorrow night, Friday the 13th, for the opening of Psst-Shhh. A show curated by Tim Kinsella with works by a host of super talented artists, included among them, Jeremy Boyle.

Jeremy left this morning to begin installing one of his wall drawings. He engineered a huge spirograph - 6ft in diameter - with multiple gears. It's an amazing feat to see him doing the drawing, it requires three people, is site specific and incredible.

I'm completely bummed that I cannot be there. The Daily Candy feature has been so so good to us - so good, that I cannot be gone from my sewing machine for longer than a few hours and I had to turn down Jeremy's invite for me to go with him. If you live in Chicago, you should go, there will be two bands performing during the opening...have fun for me!


  1. oh, that show looks amazing...
    i wish chicago wasn't so far away.
    a giant spirograph sounds amazing.
    i remember loving them when i was younger... a bigger one can only mean it's more amazing and better and awesome!
    and tim kinsella... oh, how i adore that man. he and i used to have the oddest encounters. i'm not really sure why... but, i've always thought we were some how members of the same tribe in a past life...
    (cheesy, i know...)
    i hope you are well wendy!
    the new studio looks awesome... so so so awesome!


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