Saturday, March 21, 2009

feels like...

i'm sure most of you have already heard of the amazingness that is white lightening. i encountered it a few months ago, started browsing and quickly closed things up...because i could have read all night...and i just don't have that kind of time and certainly did not/do not need another thing to eat up my precious few moments away from producing producing producing. but, you see, jeremy is away tonight, its saturday, spring has supposedly sprung (though it is still chilly in these parts) parker and i watched a ridiculously chick.flick., ate tiny servings of food (sometimes called appetizers...really just a way of letting me be lazy and not cook dinner tonight) , drank a bottle of wine (well, i drank the wine..she drank a pomegranate izze...and i did not drink the whole bottle)...and i found myself cruising the internets looking know, love. one thing led to another and i've been reading for the last hour. she's funny. really funny. and i like funny. (plus she seems smart and in the know...and that rubs off, right?)

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