Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wait Wait, we're not itchy!

I love Saturday morning NPR. Through the power of the internet, I listen to WBEZ, the Chicago NPR station...even though I do not live and never have lived in the windy city (jeremy has, so I guess I can claim ties through marriage?), they have great programming. Saturdays begin at 10am (my time) with Car Talk, followed by Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Sound Opinions and This American Life.

Car Talk eases me into the day with a bit of humor and day dreams about questions I could call in to ask and for quite some time, the hour of This American Life had to be entirely loud noises, phone calls, distractions of any kind. I did not want to let anything take away from hearing all of my radio crush's stories - Ira, David, David, Sarah, Dan, John. But, recently, I have developed a more than nerdy obsession with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. It is my favorite part of Saturdays...nay, The.Whole.Week! It is an hour where I am made to laugh repeatedly while still getting my weekly headlines and work done in the studio. I want Karl Kasell's voice on my home answering machine and Peter Sagal makes the snobbiest me want to be a Treky with his way more than nerdy obsession with Star Trek (you must listen to the episode with Leonard Nimoy to understand). Last week, while I was working (and laughing) all the way through Not My Job and Panel Round Two, Mo Rocca made a comment in response to hand knit sweaters for chickens. I believe it was something like, "EEEEeeeeWW! I HATE homemade sweaters! They're so itchy!" While I did laugh, I also thought, Oooohhohohoho, my comrades in the handmade world are not going to like that! And, boy was I right! Because, this Saturday when I started listening, Parker and I were getting ready to go to the Children's Museum (it was a last minute decision and our time of departure was 11:15, 15 minutes into the show. I made her wait until the right moment, standing by the door, coat on, ready to dart down the 8 flights of stairs of our building, dash through the parking lot and jump into the car as fast as possible so as not to miss one minute of the show - we made it and only missed 2 minutes). I was feeling just ducky, we had a 45 minute drive and 40 minutes left in the show. I was laughing and laughing, listening to Bruce Campbell talk about Spider Man and answer questions about Barbie. Parker was sitting next to me, iPod earphones stuck deep into her head, rockin' out to the latest pre-teen pop darling (it's Taylor Swift right now)...then, right near the end, Peter Sagal announced that Mo Rocca had an apology to the handmade community who, it seems, was NOT happy with his comment last week...specifically, they received an earful from Ravelry declaring hand made sweaters are NOT itchy! So, all I really want to say is, Go Ravelry, standing up for homemade sweaters like that!

You made my day. And, I love Peter Sagal and the gang (and I can't wait to see Mo in his new homemade sweater!).

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  1. Wait, Wait is by far our favorite show.... we love it! Whaddya' Know is also pretty good. I miss WBEZ, though WBUR is not too bad. I wish TAL would move back to Chicago, I'm not as big a fan of the NYC version. :(


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