Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, apparently you all LOVE a good sale...thanks for the rush on our supermarket shop! All went well, pretty much everything sold out within a few hours - we are just finishing packing up the last of the bags to ship out. I think there are maybe 3 or 4 bags left...this will be it..once they're gone, they're gone. Maybe we'll do it again (though, we don't make as many mistakes as we used it could be another 2 years). *UPDATE* (all of the seconds have sold out - thanks!)

Also, while you all were shopping the seconds sale, we used the diversion to give our website a little freshening up. Take a look! We're pretty pleased with the new layout. We'll be making a few minor adjustments over the course of the week. We want to try some things with them for a few days...and, who knows...maybe you'll see some new bags in there later in the weekend...keep an eye out!

We're still catching up on orders in hopes that we can carve out a chunk of time to prepare for Bust. We still need to sew up a stock to bring with us and make our table set up..there's a lot to do!

Have a great day!


Monday, April 27, 2009

What you've been waiting for

May Day, May Day (well not's still April) but, great news! That thing you always wished would happen but never thought would is happening!


We firmly believe that handmade items should not go on sale. We make our bags one at a time, as you request them. With this production model, we never have an overstock of bags we want to move along to make room for next season's styles. We keep our prices as low as possible all of the time, with the goal to be able to provide the highest quality handmade products at an attainable cost. But, occasionally, we do make mistakes. Stitches go awry, things end up a bit crooked, seams pucker, we are, after all, human. We have been saving these slightly irregular bags for a while now and have set up a special sale section in our Supermarket shop to move these out of here.

We have tried to carefully convey what the issue is with each bag - most of the flaws are very minor. Many bags have no real issues, they were just made a while ago and as we get better at making bags, we continue to raise our standards... Each bag is structurally sound and will function just as well as a perfect bag. If you ever see us around carrying one of our own bags, you can be assured this is where we got it from!

Be sure to move quickly - there are some REAL bargains here!!! And, unlike usual, you won't have to wait a couple of weeks for us to finish making your bags upon order - these are all ready to ship right out the door!!!

You can find the Moop Seconds Sale HERE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I will be offline for the rest of the day. I am super far behind due to the all consuming tax week and last minute trip to Pgh to buy a, I'm locking myself in the studio, sans computer, attempting to finish a whole slew of orders that are almost a week overdue - thank you to my lovely customers for your patience! It means so much when things are stretched so thin!

Before I go I wanted to tell you all how excited I am that we will be participating in the Bust Spring Fling Craftacular! It is, of course, a mere three and a half weeks away on May 17th. We close on our house three days later and I know we will be making a trip back to the 'burgh in a week to finish up part of the buying process as well as find studio space for Moop - yup. crazy is here.

wendy (i wish i had eight of me right now)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Made in Pittsburgh

Hello! There are many exciting things to share! We have been hard at work trying to keep up with orders, securing our marketing for the next few months, adding new designs, updating photographs, doing our taxes (a bigger job than you might think) and ummm... buying a house. That's right...we just bought a house! A Victorian that has suffered the consequences of years of remodeling know..chock full of drop ceilings, wood paneling, heavy shag carpet, vinyl siding, small windows....all cosmetic and all able to be undone. I can't wait for the renovation process!

Soooo, the purchase of the house means we are relocating to a new city....Pittsburgh! I can't wait to meet everyone there! We have so many exciting plans and are thrilled to locate Moop in such a fabulous place (I can't wait to put "made in Pittsburgh" on all of our bags). Everything is happening very fast, so the next two months will be a flurry of changes. We will start renovating the new house towards the end of May then plan to move the family and Moop by the end of June. We will be documenting the whole process so you can follow the craziness right here.

With all of these changes, we are facing the reality of the cost involved to relocate a family, a studio, a woodshop, a sewing studio and a business. It will be expensive. In an effort to offset some of that cost, we have started a new shop - it is called Five Yards and I'll be destashing all of my fabric and supply overstock that has accumulated over the last few years (there is a lot!). I have a large stock of fabric that I either never ended up using or stopped using for the Moop line. All of the fabric has come from my fabric wholesalers and is not readily available otherwise, so you'll find a lot of great stuff! I have a number of things currently listed and will be adding items over the course of the week. Everything in the shop is cut, prepped and ready to ship (all in 5 yard increments). So, if you're looking for some fabulous cotton canvases, corduroys and twills...Five Yards is where it's at!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few new and exciting things this week:

We were featured, along with Lauren Haupt, in an article on Supermarket in the newest print issue of Elle Korea. That's awesome.

The Market Bag in Sand is now lined with gunmetal canvas. It is awesome.

The Clutch is now available in both Rosewood and Gunmetal gray with a dash of neon - and neon can be awesome, especially in our new gunmetal clutch...though these awesome neon stilettos take the cake.

And, also awesome, we have a new email address: info at moopshop dot com OR wendy at moopshop dot com (if you want to get all personal and stuff) (update your books!).

Monday, April 6, 2009

moop tweets

like toot sweets, only we don't whistle.

we joined twitter t.o.d.a.y. follow us...please! we only have one follower (love you yokoo!), we're new and we look like the big loner of the tweetsters. if you have not already, you should join! it's super easy and you will deny you ever said you would never twitter.

you can follow people like jimmy fallon or supermarket or that's awesome (you know..if you want)

if Fred Armisen were on twitter, i would totally follow him.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling

What's black and red with letters all over? okay...bad joke.

The Letter Clutch is now available in Rosewood and Black. It's no joke! Find it at

Have fun today!