Sunday, April 19, 2009

Made in Pittsburgh

Hello! There are many exciting things to share! We have been hard at work trying to keep up with orders, securing our marketing for the next few months, adding new designs, updating photographs, doing our taxes (a bigger job than you might think) and ummm... buying a house. That's right...we just bought a house! A Victorian that has suffered the consequences of years of remodeling know..chock full of drop ceilings, wood paneling, heavy shag carpet, vinyl siding, small windows....all cosmetic and all able to be undone. I can't wait for the renovation process!

Soooo, the purchase of the house means we are relocating to a new city....Pittsburgh! I can't wait to meet everyone there! We have so many exciting plans and are thrilled to locate Moop in such a fabulous place (I can't wait to put "made in Pittsburgh" on all of our bags). Everything is happening very fast, so the next two months will be a flurry of changes. We will start renovating the new house towards the end of May then plan to move the family and Moop by the end of June. We will be documenting the whole process so you can follow the craziness right here.

With all of these changes, we are facing the reality of the cost involved to relocate a family, a studio, a woodshop, a sewing studio and a business. It will be expensive. In an effort to offset some of that cost, we have started a new shop - it is called Five Yards and I'll be destashing all of my fabric and supply overstock that has accumulated over the last few years (there is a lot!). I have a large stock of fabric that I either never ended up using or stopped using for the Moop line. All of the fabric has come from my fabric wholesalers and is not readily available otherwise, so you'll find a lot of great stuff! I have a number of things currently listed and will be adding items over the course of the week. Everything in the shop is cut, prepped and ready to ship (all in 5 yard increments). So, if you're looking for some fabulous cotton canvases, corduroys and twills...Five Yards is where it's at!


  1. Wendy, congratulations on the new home! I hope all goes smoothly and well for you, your family, and your business.

    A question on the material - would the corduroy be ideal for a winter skirt? I love the colors you have listed and am feeling experimental. :)

    Good luck!

  2. congrats wendy, you and parker seemed so excited when i saw you, i'm happy to hear it worked out! ; )

    we'll have to get together with deborah soon, for margaritas!

  3. That's super exciting! I love owning houses and putting my mark in every nook keeps me a homebody. I find myself rarely leaving my office and studio!

    The best of luck to you! xo

  4. woah! wendy i am so excited for you guys! congratulations! i know you'll all work so hard to make that house completely amazing.

    and now to check out that new shop...!

  5. Rats, I went to buy the navy charcoal and it vanished as I was checking out. :(


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