Monday, April 6, 2009

moop tweets

like toot sweets, only we don't whistle.

we joined twitter t.o.d.a.y. follow us...please! we only have one follower (love you yokoo!), we're new and we look like the big loner of the tweetsters. if you have not already, you should join! it's super easy and you will deny you ever said you would never twitter.

you can follow people like jimmy fallon or supermarket or that's awesome (you know..if you want)

if Fred Armisen were on twitter, i would totally follow him.


  1. hm...i don't twitter...yet? but i will follow you if and when i do!

  2. hi wendy - i don't twitter, but i have been following your lovely designs for some time now. and just got my bf the messenger for his upcoming birthday. i'm so excited :)

    btw, your photos and blog are quite lovely as well. would you like to exchange links?

    keep doing the amazing work!


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