Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I will be offline for the rest of the day. I am super far behind due to the all consuming tax week and last minute trip to Pgh to buy a house....so, I'm locking myself in the studio, sans computer, attempting to finish a whole slew of orders that are almost a week overdue - thank you to my lovely customers for your patience! It means so much when things are stretched so thin!

Before I go I wanted to tell you all how excited I am that we will be participating in the Bust Spring Fling Craftacular! It is, of course, a mere three and a half weeks away on May 17th. We close on our house three days later and I know we will be making a trip back to the 'burgh in a week to finish up part of the buying process as well as find studio space for Moop - yup. crazy is here.

wendy (i wish i had eight of me right now)


  1. Good luck, Wendy. Happy House buying and Happy Sewing!

    Sorry to see you leave this area, but happy to see that you have bought a house. I watch your blog/shop/happenings daily and you are always a treat to read about and see your progress.

    Take care, and again, GOOD LUCK!


  2. Hi Wendy. You will love Pittsburgh so much. It is the best kept secret in the country! I feel bad you are leaving that fantastic studio though. All that hard work you put into it! What made gave you the courage to leave it behind? Will you set up something similar in Pgh? Good luck with everything!

  3. Wendy, everything is so wonderful, but I know a lot of hard work and I am sure, well deserved. I look forward to reading all about the renovation, the move and the new adventures you and your family will have.
    Thank you for sharing it all with your loyal customers and blog readers.
    GO TEAM!


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