Friday, May 29, 2009

The Letter Bag

Hello! We arrived home from Pittsburgh on Monday and went right back to production for Moop. Things will be busy for the next few weeks leading up to the final move but so far we're managing everything well and running just a tad longer than our normal 2 week turnaround.

Last weekend was so exciting. The feeling of owning something so significant as a house is super good. Thanks for all of the support you have shown us during this process!

Today we are adding a new design to our line. This is one many of you have been requesting for over a year and one I have been working on for at least as long. I like to take my time when working out new designs - to make sure proportions are right, durability is strong, versatility is present, styling is right - in short, I like to make great bags! Many of you had a sneak peek at this bag last week when we posted an image to our flickr page and your response was great - thanks!

Without further it is, The Letter Bag in Rosewood!


  1. Wendy, it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I think you are able to read your customers' minds. This is the perfect bag for what I need to carry (laptop + papers + books + "stuff"). I feel like I'm asking too much but....... will it be available in other colors?

    thanks again and thanks for doing so much and in the midst of a big move!

  2. Nooo! I can't be tempted by any more bags! Aaaghghghhh!

    This bag looks pretty groovy.

  3. Ohhhhhh nice! Just the sort of bag I "need" (need being a subjective term, as if I "need" a 6th bag for work). I don't even have a laptop, nor do I want one, but this will be perfect for my old-school legal pads, newspapers, and paperbacks. In addition to being a good bag for the technologically inclined, it looks to be a good bag for those of us who shun electronics. Now, just need it in black, the one Moop color I haven't ordered yet.

  4. Looks terrific!

    I'd like to add that I'm very, very much enjoying the market bag I bought during your sale a few weeks ago. It's just wonderful.

  5. ooooh, lovely! So excited to order one. your bags are beautiful.


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