Saturday, June 27, 2009

We are here!

Our new life lives on a beautiful tree lined street

We arrived on Tuesday night, unloaded the truck and starting trying to make sense of the chaos. It has been a week of such strenuous physical exertion but our excitement for this new stage of our life has kept everything in perspective. We completely love it here! Every night we have been able to sit down for dinner at Jeremy's parents house, enjoy the back porch, meet our new neighbors and neighborhoods...we have spent more time outside in the last 5 days than our whole three years in Massachusetts and it feels so good!

The storefront progress

We have been working on setting up the new studio (and soon to be retail shop). It is coming together nicely and we feel like we should have the studio up and running by Monday. We feel really good that we are still on track with our standard 2 week turnaround on all orders (if that changes, we'll let you know). It's exciting to start thinking about our studio as a more public space. We have started brainstorming ideas for window displays, new products for the shop and events we would like to hold in the space. There is a courtyard area in the back of the storefront space and with a little greening up it could be the perfect spot for Moop garden parties - you're all invited!

Macarons from Pistacia Vera

Also, Jamie & Cormac are so lovely and thoughtful, they sent us macarons for our arrival in Pittsburgh! They came from the shop of Pistacia Vera in Columbus, Ohio and they were amazing! Thanks guys!

Tonight is our wedding anniversary and we have a lot to celebrate! We feel so grateful for the help and support that has been shown to us by so many people who have made our life, our business and our happiness abundant. Thanks so much!


  1. Wendy,
    I have been following your blog and Etsy shop for some time now and am happy that you've moved to such a beautiful neighborhood. My daughter currently lives in Corapolis, PA and when I get out there to visit her I will try to make my way to your studio/shop. Congratulations on your move, anniversary and new shop/studio.

  2. How exciting! I have been enjoying my moop Market Bag for 8 months now... I use it every single day. It's so nice to visit the blog every now and then and see what nice things have been happening for you. Congrats!

  3. Wendy, you and your family deserve every wonderful thing you are experiencing. I have purchased several bags from you and love every single one.
    I also love logging into your blog to be kept up to date with your progress and your lives.
    Thank you for letting your customers take a peek into your life and your business.
    Congratulations from California!


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