Sunday, July 19, 2009

The importance of place

The day we bought this house we gutted it. We took out all of the old carpet, removed the drop ceilings, took out a few walls...we stripped everything down to the basics. In doing this we have been able to open things up and really think about how we want to renovate. We know it will take some time to finish, but we want to do it right. It means, though, that we are living in a shell of a house for the next long while. And that's okay because one of the greatest things about this house is the screened in porch. In the beginning we thought, oh, we'll tear it's covered in astro turf, painted wood paneling, constructed poorly and has a screen door that hits you in the ass on your way out. Having been here for a few weeks, we can't even imagine removing this room. It is where we begin and end every day. It has been our space to relax, to think, to bond. It has been the stress relief we needed. A space to just be. There is nothing filling it except a few folding lawn chairs, a crooked card table and us.


  1. What a wonderful place, with your sense of design and Jeremy's ingenuity, I'm sure you guys will make it perfect and cute!

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  3. The bare essentials are all everyone needs and this space in your new home proves that. So glad you and the family are settling in so nicely (sorry had to delete my first comment due to a typo). ~Melanie

  4. I used to live in a house with a screened in porch. There's something about them that is so pleasant! I put an old couch in mine and ate omelets there on Sunday mornings.


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