Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pittsburgh, 1 week later

I started sewing in the studio on Monday morning and it is definitely the best studio space I have worked in thus far. It's a pretty permanent space for us and I love that we can take our time making it the perfect home for Moop. It is significantly smaller than the warehouse we just moved from so we have to be much more efficient with space but it has meant the studio is a warm, inviting space perfect to spend my days in. It is a store front, so the whole front wall is windows giving tons of natural light. When the front and back doors are open the breeze drifts through and I feel like I'm working outside...the last space was windowless and had zero air flow so already I am leading a healthier lifestyle. I'll have photos soon. The last few days I have forgotten to bring my camera to work with me - I want to use a better camera than my iphone's camera so you can get a better sense of the place. I have it with me today and once we get the last of the boxes, carts and packing debris out of there, I'll photograph.

There are so many wonderful things about Pittsburgh. We have been so busy that we have had little opportunity to get into the city...but, there's plenty of time...we've only been here one week! I'm looking forward to letting things unfold slowly...really getting to know everything.

Parker has met the nicest group of girls, all the same age, all going to her school, all living in our neighborhood, all super sharp, smart, nice girls. It is so wonderful to see her's the happiest she has ever been. That alone makes this move the best decision we have made.

I really love this place!

Have a productive day!



  1. So happy to hear your move went well! I'm a big moop fan and it will be so sweet for you to have an airy, light-filled studio with a storefront!

  2. I'm so happy you found home.


  3. Congrats!
    Wanted to mention that I am here in Ottawa, Canada and was at a garden party today. I was getting my phone out of my Moop small clutch and the man next to me said "Moop!" I thought he was just reading the inside of the flap but then he turned to his girlfriend and said "doesn't your Mom have a large Moop bag?" Turns out she has a Fraulein. And he recognized your logo from the business card that was on her fridge that had been sent with her bag.
    Just thought I'd let you know, I think it's pretty fantastic that a Moop bag got recognized up here in Ottawa, and that the business cards you have are a great idea and people remember them. Way to go Moop! :)

  4. Happy the move was smooth and that your daughter has friends so soon and is happy! That's the best news of all! (well that and that you get to air and light in your new location!)


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