Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A few new things

I just finished adding a few new bags to If you were around yesterday, and were following our flickr and twitter feed, you may have seen my annotated photo's what we added:

The Tote in rosewood corded canvas (yay!)
The Tote in sand gray corded canvas (double yay!)
And, The Letter Clutch in gunmetal gray! (why weren't we doing this already? thanks for the suggestion Traci!)

The Tote is the most useful bag. It will continually surprise you with the amount of stuff it will hold. The interior space has so many opportunities for organization, plus it's waterproof and washable. Just small enough to prevent you from carrying the kitchen sink, while still being able to hold a computer, a book, a clutch, a water bottle, a sweater and (if you're like me) your filing cabinet of receipts (this also makes a super useful diaper bag...without looking like a diaper bag).

The Letter Clutch is one of my favorite bags. I carry mine everywhere. I either throw it into my Letter Bag or carry it tucked under my arm. It's my favorite bag to carry when I go out because it holds everything I need with me (phone, wallet, etceteras) and it has an extra layer of waterproof cordura built into the bottom so if I set it down on the bar counter where some tosser just spilled his beer, nothing inside gets wet...and that makes me happy.


  1. I already adore Moop bags..but now you've got me drooling over (not literally on one!) the new bag. Love The Tote!.

  2. yay! can't wait to receive my grey letter clutch!!

  3. I have one Moop bag (the Market Bag in blue), and have been wanting another because they are all so cute and functional. However, if you keep coming out with such awesome bags, I will never be able to decide which bag I need the most! That's right, NEED :)

  4. earlysundaymorningAugust 19, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    i love your bags and i cant decide which one to choose! i like the letter clutch but also porter :)


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