Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday Read

I found Keri Smith via a link to link to link on the internet some time ago..maybe it's been a few years...I can't really remember when. She's been one of those people whose words resonate with me rather deeply. Just this morning, she was brought back into the forefront of my thoughts via a similar route. I clicked over to her blog and read her most recent post, Tecno Rant - I relate to this in big and small ways. Jeremy, Parker and I embarked upon an unexpected journey several years ago when Jeremy and I first met (thanks Daniel!). So much of how we do things is embodied in Keri's writing about what happens when you work organically - not in the sense of pesticide free, rather letting things evolve and grow from what is there - responding to situations in the moment and letting things take you where they want to go. When Moop started, I had no idea it would grow into what it is today. People were interested in what I was doing, so I went with it...I'm still going with it and loving and listening to every step along the way. I do rely on current technology to enable what we do to grow (I practially sleep with my computer!) but, I do love it when I can break away from everything for some wandering, exploring, experimenting, thinking, living. We are currently renovating a commercial building and a house. A LOT of hard labor is involved in this process. Carrying loads of torn out drywall up and down flights of stairs may be dirty, but I love the feeling that comes from intense physical exhaustion...especially when you can see the labor going towards something that has potential to be amazing! In circuitous ways, hauling debris from demolition has helped me to see where I want to take Moop over the next few years. This move has been so good for me (for us) - I finally feel like I can appreicate how great it is to be a maker living in this current time. There are some exciting opportunities ahead, I hope you'll stick around as we share them with you over the coming weeks, months and years.


  1. Great post. My business, too, is all about growing organically. I like that!

  2. Yes, I too can relate to growing organically. I too had no idea a couple of years ago that this is where I'd be today vis-a-vis making & creative endeavors. It is pretty a good time to do this and I agree that the whole online thing has enabled a lot of us micro-businesses to market ourselves much more easily than it would have been 10 or more years ago.

  3. Great post, gives me courage to keep going with my handmade business! Keri Smiths books are fantastic, I'm reading or rather doing " How to Be and Explorer of the World" Thanks for the great post.


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