Wednesday, September 2, 2009

its been busy

a tiny glimpse inside the party

Just wanted to drop a quick apology - so sorry for the lack of updates on the 'ol blog here...we had to put so many things on hold in order to get ready for our Hello Pittsburgh party and now we are sewing and sewing and sewing to get caught up. Thanks to everyone who came - it was great to meet all of you! I have yet to sort through all of the photos from that night (which was so fun!) but as soon as I do, they will be up on our flickr the meantime...enjoy the days!


  1. When is your shop open? I missed the party but I'd like to stop by and check out all those pretty bags.

  2. Thanks for having us in your space- everything looked amazing! Congrats on the shop and Im looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!


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