Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pop City

photos by Brian Cohen

We had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Booth a few weeks ago...just after we moved to Pittsburgh. She heard about us from a friend and immediately got in touch. She too is a new transplant to Pittsburgh...probably the perfect person to write an article about how excited we are to be living here...just as she, herself is. You can read Rachel's article about Jeremy & I, Moop and living in PGH on this weeks edition of Pop City. Thanks Rachel!


  1. Love your story, it is very inspirational. Congratulations on all your success and best of luck in your new home.

  2. Very well written article and fun to read aloud to my husband who knows I'm more than a little obsessed with Moop. Wishing you oodles or success in your new "hometown" and hope to do business with you again soon!

  3. Wishing you guys the best in 2010! Hope all is continuing to go well for you in the 'Burgh!


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