Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days filled with administrative boring-ness. The inspection on my car expired today and in order to get it re-inspected it meant I had to transfer my vehicle registration from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. But, before I could do that, I had to get a PA drivers license. All three things had to happen yesterday. I know, I should have done it right after I moved here, but considering dirty dishes pile up in my sink for days on end, I wear all of my clothes no less than three times before they are thrown in the dirty pile so as to prolong the time between finding a spare few hours to sit at the laundromat (because we STILL do not have that trench dug to get the gas line turned on which would make our washer and dryer work) and we look like a family of squatters living in a gutted house that has not changed from the day we moved in - taking all of that into account, I feel like I'm on top of things getting this taken care of the day everything expired rather than the day after everything expired.

So, my day started with mounds of sewing (there are many many bags shipping out later today - woo hoo!) sewing, sewing, sewing so I could take the second part of the day to take care of this responsible citizen stuff...which, consequently took the rest of the entire day. But, I arrived home to a lovely present from my friend Kelly, reminding me that I am in fact not fully defined by the administrative things that are so much a part of daily life - rather, I am a MAKER. Thanks Kelly! It was just what I needed!

Now, go get one for all of your Maker friends - or get one of each...because if they're anything like, me..they wear all the, shirts.

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  1. Uggh, I did the license/registration transfer about 6 months ago. What a pain in PA.


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