Monday, November 16, 2009

Falling Water

We had some friends in town from Massachusetts this past weekend and we spent Saturday at Falling Water. Aside from The Guggenheim, this was my first time visiting any Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. It was just the experience I needed to break my mind from the chaos of the last few months. I loved the house, the interior design, the art, the furniture, the woods, the falls, the moss covered grounds, the interior gardens, the thought that went into every step...I loved everything about it. Parker especially loved it. She told us she wants to live there. What can you say, she has good taste.

Much of our energy has been focused on building out the studio building but we have been at a loss for what the interior should ultimately look like. It has been a very organic process thus far...simply responding to the space as we take out walls, replace beams, raise the ceiling, connect spaces together, etc., etc. I think I really needed to see a space like Falling Water - so ahead of its time yet so timeless. I will take some photos this week of the renovations on the second floor of the building to share with you all (nothing more has been done at the house...and likely will not be done until the spring...except, we did get the gas line replaced! hooray for heat!). Until then, enjoy your days!

One side note:

I just want to remind everyone that it is just Jeremy and I sewing and we do make every Moop bag upon order so be sure to plan ahead and order early for holiday delivery...especially if you are having it shipped outside of the United States. We have not made a cutoff date for holiday orders, we will just be responding to order volume over the next few weeks.


  1. read : Falling Water Rising - written by Frank Toker (a professor at Pitt). The social history of the construction of Falling Water is quite interesting. Plus, given your love of the new town, the book gives a great sense of Pittsburgh (esp. the department store history). I gave my copy to my dad- I am sure you can borrow it.

  2. Wrights buildings are inspiring. Sounds like just the break you needed from the studio and remodeling. :) Lisa

  3. Hans has lived here for over 30 years and we just got to Falling Water for the first time this past summer. My sister (who lives in State College) took the extended tour and got tons more out of it than we did. Good Luck with your holiday sales!!!!

  4. It was splendid wasn't it? So happy Parker was taken with it too :-)


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