Friday, November 6, 2009

The Moth: Stories Told

I like to listen to things while I work. Lately it has been mostly the news from NPR. I guess because it's what I'm supposed to be listening to...because it's important to know what goes on in the world outside of Moop studios. But, I often tire of listening to the news or simply can't listen or just don't want to. My youngest brother is a Marine. Two weeks ago he deployed to Afghanistan. Soooo, right now I particularly don't like to listen to the news. In my search for something else to listen to, I discovered The Moth: Stories Told. It's a great form of escapism. Here are two of my favorites so by Joan Juliet Buck and one by Mike Birbiglia...both will make you laugh.

You can also download many of the Moth podcasts for free on iTunes.

Have a great weekend!


  1. omg, i'm totally obsessed with the moth too! i can listen to them all day long... distractions are good sometimes!

  2. hey - I had to comment, I feel like I am the only one I know that listens to those npr podcasts, they are a lifesaver for me working alone at home. Moth & This American Life are my 2 favorites.

    I also love my market bag, thinking of getting the little hip pouch for my CF cards when I'm taking pictures.
    : )

  3. The one about the pink bicycle is my favorite! Thank you for posting about the moth it's such a great not for profit.


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