Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moop is hiring!

We are looking for the right person to join our small studio. If you are that person (or you know that person) please get in touch! Here is the official job description:

Production Assistant needed for small manufacturer of handbags - located in the West End neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


experience making things

attention to detail

precise with measurements

ability to follow instructions

physical ability to sew for extended hours

self motivated independent worker

strong work ethic

interest in small manufacturing

must have some experience with fabric (sewing, cutting, pressing, measuring)

comfortable using cutting tools and industrial equipment


experience with industrial sewing machines

direct experience in production and manufacturing

background in art and/or design

interest in handmade community and/or small independent business

comfortable working in a small environment (2-4 co-workers)

Part time (20 hours a week), flexible hours. Looking for the right person to start immediately. Please send cover letter and resume to: info@moopshop.com Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

just a quick note...

just dropping in to quickly let you know - we're back to work in the studio filling all of the orders placed after the 4th..if you're anticipating the arrival of your order, feel free to get in touch for an updated estimate on your delivery date.

AND, i want to know what you all got for Christmas and Hanukkah!!! - i know a lot of you got new Moop bags ;)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We are taking the next few days off. I'm enjoying myself relaxing in the middle of the day, getting ready to make some pies with my little Parker, then decorate the adorable tree that Jeremy and Parker got yesterday. It looks like it has pompoms all over it (it's potted, so we will be planting it in our yard this spring). It's going to be a nice few days.

Thanks to everyone for being so awesome this holiday season! I wish you all the happiest of days.


Wendy (& the rest of the fam)

Monday, December 21, 2009

we did it!

this is our studio tree - you can't see it here, but it's decorated with a bunch of rosewood and sand clutches...it looks so cute!

we did it! every order that was promised for xmas delivery has been shipped! (that's every order placed prior to dec. 4th in the domestic US). This is a huge accomplishment for us - our volume was higher this year than last year...only last year I had a few people helping me and we still had to send out apologetic late emails. This year, it is only Jeremy and I - but we work so well together we managed to stay on track and get every bag shipped! I can't tell you how exhausted we are from the seemingly endless long long long days...but it doesn't matter, this is a huge accomplishment - I certainly had my doubts that we would get every bag made in time...I was on the verge of tears on Friday night, thinking there was no way we would get all of those bags made...but, J-dog talked me down (as he always does...he's the level headed part of our pairing), we pressed onward and this morning we dropped the last batch of boxes in the mail!!!

Now, it's on to sewing every order placed after the 4th! (no worries, we're still within our standard 2-3 week turnaround)

We are taking a few days off for Christmas and to have some quality hang time with Parker...we desperately need it. Before I go, I just want to wish you all a very merry holiday - there is always much to be thankful for!

hugs and kisses,


Thursday, December 17, 2009

the etsy times

Hey...i'm sure most of you have seen this - but, I just want to say how much I relate to each of those talented sellers featured in the article - especially Paloma's Nest - once you add kids to the mix, it's even more exhausting. What do you all think?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Parker's birthday was last Friday, the 11th. It falls dead smack in the middle of our craziest 3 weeks of the year....holiday order madness. Our ordering is up quite a bit from last year and we are sewing like the 2 of us are 6 (we have a good synchronicity, so it works). We mapped out what our days needed to be like every day from the day after Thanksgiving to December 19th (the last day we feel comfortable shipping for xmas delivery). They were long days. Then! That amazing Dooce included us in her gift guide and our daily production volume needed to double in order to fill all of the orders placed from that feature. No biggie...we are both artists and know what it's like to work our butts off for a few weeks in order to accomplish a big project (plus...this is our 3rd holiday season with Moop and we were somewhat prepared)..so, we just extended our days, which meant 2 solid weeks of 15-17 hour days...yes it's a lot, but very do-able - so long as nothing.goes.wrong. right?

Parker reeeeally wanted to have a slumber party to celebrate her 12th birthday (who wouldn't, right???) Since our house is still in the same state as the day after we gutted it (Kelly, who visited last week, can vouch for its state of disarray!), we decided our home was not safe for other people's children. So, we had the sleepover at a hotel. The girls had a blast, they swam in the pool, we ordered pizza, ate cupcakes, played truth or dare, then one by one everyone fell asleep (as quickly as 5 giggling 12 year olds can when having a slumber party).

3am - Parker awoke and started throwing up everything she had eaten in the last week. 3:30am - another of the girls awoke and did the same. This continued all night long. I was tending to them with the little resources I had in the hotel room and hoping no one else would get sick. Luckily, no one else did.

Morning came and we realized we were iced in at the hotel. The roads were completely covered in sheets of ice. The highways were closed and we were stuck. So the 9:30 am end time of the party became 12:30 when the ice finally began to melt. Jeremy came, picked up all of the girls and brought them to their respective houses. Parker was still throwing up so she and I stayed at the hotel and decided to keep the room one more night rather than move her to our cold, falling down house. Good plan. One more day lost sewing...that was still fine. We could still make it all happen.

Monday came and went. Parker stayed home from school and spent the day at the studio. Jeremy and I had a long production day then went home. 3am Tuesday morning, I started throwing up! It continued to about 3pm today. Finally I am beginning to stabilize. I'm lying in bed trying to rest. My sweet Parker is making me chicken noodle soup and Jeremy has returned to the studio to try and get some more work done.
I will be fine tomorrow...but, we will definitely have a long 4 days ahead of us....really long days. But, do-able, for sure! Wish us luck!

We will let everyone know if anything else comes up preventing us from getting all of the orders placed before Dec. 4th in the mail by Dec. 19th...we're confident we can still make it happen!

We were only planning to take 2 or 3 days off for xmas....but, after all of this - I think we need 4.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Ordering

Our holiday order deadlines have passed! We are sewing and sewing and sewing to fill all of the orders placed in the last few days&weeks (welcome to everyone who found us via Dooce!). You may still place orders (we are only taking a few days off for Christmas) but please be aware, all orders placed after December 4th will not arrive in time for the December holidays.

Please get in touch if you're curious about an existing order (i'm answering emails mostly at night, as my day time hours are immersed in sewing...so be patient if I do not respond *right* away).

Many thanks and happy days!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Up in the Air Somewhere

Aren't these cups by Up in the Air Somewhere beautiful!? They are dipped in rubber! I love the hue and texture. I want to add these to my collection of handmade ceramics and pottery (you can never ever have too many handmade mugs).

p.s. they also have an etsy shop and a supermarket shop.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

support your favorite handmade business

You all are keeping us fantastically busy! We can't thank you enough for the support you have shown to us! We're trying our hardest to get every order filled that has been promised for Xmas delivery....in the meantime...i'll be doing all of our xmas shopping late at night on the internets.

on a side note..when I am stressed out (as I am right now, because i want to get everyone's bags to them for Christmas) I talk in my sleep...last night, Jeremy said I was talking like I was a basketball announcer....thought you might get a chuckle out of that.

So, today's installment of support your favorite handmade business is Tugboat Print Shop. I love their series, The Deep Blue Sea. All of their prints are hand cut woodblock prints and made in their fabulous home studio.

I love this Octopus.

Read their blog, buy their prints then take a peek at their studio.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another new color

We just added The Messenger in Slate to the shop/s. It is a slightly washed out slightly distressed blue gray brushed canvas we're calling Slate. The fabric is perfect for this style. It's still very neutral so it works well with work or casual clothes and is great for both men and women. Find it here, here and here.

First on my list of handmade independent businesses I would like to highlight is the fabulous team at FilzFelt (made up of two of my favorite people, Kelly and Traci). German wool felt is their specialty in bright colors and quality material. This holiday, I'm particularly enamored with their Christmas ornaments. Schneeflockes and Lamms!

Etcetera Media (a related company built by Kelly of FilzFelt) makes one of my favorite home accessories, the 6 pack wine rack. Functional, simple and stylish...the perfect gift for the wine collector in your life.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Dooce (that fabulously funny blogger who writes about parenting and family and life in general with all the wit and wisdom in the world) for including us in her holiday gift guide! See it on her blog, here. We are are such big fans of Dooce that we were bowled over when one of our readers pointed this out to us. Thank you!