Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Ordering

Our holiday order deadlines have passed! We are sewing and sewing and sewing to fill all of the orders placed in the last few days&weeks (welcome to everyone who found us via Dooce!). You may still place orders (we are only taking a few days off for Christmas) but please be aware, all orders placed after December 4th will not arrive in time for the December holidays.

Please get in touch if you're curious about an existing order (i'm answering emails mostly at night, as my day time hours are immersed in be patient if I do not respond *right* away).

Many thanks and happy days!


  1. we will be looking for our new bag! Hope you enjoy the process, sending love to you!

  2. I hope that red one is mine!! ;) So excited to receive my bag! Good luck in the holiday crunch!

  3. I had to take this opportunity to say that the brown with gold market bag is my favorite Moop bag (and I have quite a few!). Happy Holidays.

  4. I got my Moop today. It looks great! Thanks and keep up the good work!


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