Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Parker's birthday was last Friday, the 11th. It falls dead smack in the middle of our craziest 3 weeks of the year....holiday order madness. Our ordering is up quite a bit from last year and we are sewing like the 2 of us are 6 (we have a good synchronicity, so it works). We mapped out what our days needed to be like every day from the day after Thanksgiving to December 19th (the last day we feel comfortable shipping for xmas delivery). They were long days. Then! That amazing Dooce included us in her gift guide and our daily production volume needed to double in order to fill all of the orders placed from that feature. No biggie...we are both artists and know what it's like to work our butts off for a few weeks in order to accomplish a big project (plus...this is our 3rd holiday season with Moop and we were somewhat prepared)..so, we just extended our days, which meant 2 solid weeks of 15-17 hour days...yes it's a lot, but very do-able - so long as nothing.goes.wrong. right?

Parker reeeeally wanted to have a slumber party to celebrate her 12th birthday (who wouldn't, right???) Since our house is still in the same state as the day after we gutted it (Kelly, who visited last week, can vouch for its state of disarray!), we decided our home was not safe for other people's children. So, we had the sleepover at a hotel. The girls had a blast, they swam in the pool, we ordered pizza, ate cupcakes, played truth or dare, then one by one everyone fell asleep (as quickly as 5 giggling 12 year olds can when having a slumber party).

3am - Parker awoke and started throwing up everything she had eaten in the last week. 3:30am - another of the girls awoke and did the same. This continued all night long. I was tending to them with the little resources I had in the hotel room and hoping no one else would get sick. Luckily, no one else did.

Morning came and we realized we were iced in at the hotel. The roads were completely covered in sheets of ice. The highways were closed and we were stuck. So the 9:30 am end time of the party became 12:30 when the ice finally began to melt. Jeremy came, picked up all of the girls and brought them to their respective houses. Parker was still throwing up so she and I stayed at the hotel and decided to keep the room one more night rather than move her to our cold, falling down house. Good plan. One more day lost sewing...that was still fine. We could still make it all happen.

Monday came and went. Parker stayed home from school and spent the day at the studio. Jeremy and I had a long production day then went home. 3am Tuesday morning, I started throwing up! It continued to about 3pm today. Finally I am beginning to stabilize. I'm lying in bed trying to rest. My sweet Parker is making me chicken noodle soup and Jeremy has returned to the studio to try and get some more work done.
I will be fine tomorrow...but, we will definitely have a long 4 days ahead of us....really long days. But, do-able, for sure! Wish us luck!

We will let everyone know if anything else comes up preventing us from getting all of the orders placed before Dec. 4th in the mail by Dec. 19th...we're confident we can still make it happen!

We were only planning to take 2 or 3 days off for xmas....but, after all of this - I think we need 4.


  1. Hope you feel better. I know how it is to be slammed with stuff. I myself just finished up my last show and now I plan to sleep for the next 48hrs. Take care!

  2. hope you feel better! and heck, take 5. (good idea for a slumber party though - i'll have to rmember that when my son is older and wants to have friends stay over. i don't think boys really call it a slumber party...)

  3. ...but you deserve 4 weeks!

    take care - annri

  4. poor babies!
    hope you're all better now, wendy!
    hugs to you guys. you can do it!!!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! It sounds like even though she got sick Parker had a great time!

    Oh, and the market bag I ordered? Fabulous! Thanks again!

  6. Good grief, do take extra good care of yourself!! Only four days after these crazy weeks of sewing, wow, you guys are amazing. Enjoy the holidays!!! -Melanie

  7. For crying out loud! That sounds terrible! I hope you are all feeling better. Good luck Wendy xo

  8. Oh my GOD! What a crazy life! Take care!!!

  9. Aww take a longer holiday! At least till after New Years...

    Can't thank you enough for my clutch, I bring it everywhere now

  10. i honestly don't know how you and jeremy do it! you are superheros!

  11. Oh Wendy...that's terrible!!! I really hope you guys feel better soon! And what the heck ~ take a whole week off!!! A little R&R goes a long way towards making a productive and flourishing small business (something it took the hubby several years to learn but now he totally appreciates). Most people won't mind being patient for an awesome Moop bag!!! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  12. wow, just catching up on my moop updates! i hope you and the family are feeling better. good luck with all the sewing. thinking of you from here.
    xox. kelly

  13. oh my word. so glad you're on the other side of all of that now!

  14. oh my word. so glad you're on the other side of all of that now!


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