Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We are taking the next few days off. I'm enjoying myself relaxing in the middle of the day, getting ready to make some pies with my little Parker, then decorate the adorable tree that Jeremy and Parker got yesterday. It looks like it has pompoms all over it (it's potted, so we will be planting it in our yard this spring). It's going to be a nice few days.

Thanks to everyone for being so awesome this holiday season! I wish you all the happiest of days.


Wendy (& the rest of the fam)


  1. I just happened onto the Magazine section of the Post-Gazette. Is that 'your' Jeremy Boyle in the Artist of the Year article? If it is--nice write up. If it isn't-- just ignore this!!
    Happy Holidays, and enjoy your time off.

  2. yes it is! it's funny that they last "tracked" him to UMASS - when we're now living back in Pittsburgh! Here's the link:

    Nice to see a lovely write up about our dear friend Rick, as well...he is sorely missed by many.


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