Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moop is hiring!

We are looking for the right person to join our small studio. If you are that person (or you know that person) please get in touch! Here is the official job description:

Production Assistant needed for small manufacturer of handbags - located in the West End neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


experience making things

attention to detail

precise with measurements

ability to follow instructions

physical ability to sew for extended hours

self motivated independent worker

strong work ethic

interest in small manufacturing

must have some experience with fabric (sewing, cutting, pressing, measuring)

comfortable using cutting tools and industrial equipment


experience with industrial sewing machines

direct experience in production and manufacturing

background in art and/or design

interest in handmade community and/or small independent business

comfortable working in a small environment (2-4 co-workers)

Part time (20 hours a week), flexible hours. Looking for the right person to start immediately. Please send cover letter and resume to: info@moopshop.com Only qualified candidates will be contacted.


  1. Oh, how I wish that the commute between PA and SC wasn't so bad!!

  2. don't you want to move to Vancouver???

  3. The commute would be a *little* long. From Canada to Pittsburgh! Hope you find the perfect fit! Thanks Again wendy for the wonderful surprise!

  4. Oh, how I wish I lived there! Uh...and new how to use industrial machines, etc. ;)

    Good luck with your search!


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