Monday, December 21, 2009

we did it!

this is our studio tree - you can't see it here, but it's decorated with a bunch of rosewood and sand looks so cute!

we did it! every order that was promised for xmas delivery has been shipped! (that's every order placed prior to dec. 4th in the domestic US). This is a huge accomplishment for us - our volume was higher this year than last year...only last year I had a few people helping me and we still had to send out apologetic late emails. This year, it is only Jeremy and I - but we work so well together we managed to stay on track and get every bag shipped! I can't tell you how exhausted we are from the seemingly endless long long long days...but it doesn't matter, this is a huge accomplishment - I certainly had my doubts that we would get every bag made in time...I was on the verge of tears on Friday night, thinking there was no way we would get all of those bags made...but, J-dog talked me down (as he always does...he's the level headed part of our pairing), we pressed onward and this morning we dropped the last batch of boxes in the mail!!!

Now, it's on to sewing every order placed after the 4th! (no worries, we're still within our standard 2-3 week turnaround)

We are taking a few days off for Christmas and to have some quality hang time with Parker...we desperately need it. Before I go, I just want to wish you all a very merry holiday - there is always much to be thankful for!

hugs and kisses,



  1. Congrats to you and Jeremy - YOU ROCK!

  2. thanks for all your amazing work--i love my bag!

  3. You two are amazing! I can't wait to order my new bag with some holiday dough. I have been waiting for you to calm down some. Happy Holidays.

  4. I love hearing about couples that are friends too. My husband helps me package orders, quality checks my items and gives me encouragement in the form of massages. I just ordered my third bag for my birthday. Love you both!


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