Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Business for Little Business (and Moop hearts Miller High Life)

As you all know, I am a small business owner. I am also a bit of a sports fan (basketball, really). I also like beer. So, I was super excited to see all of those things come together in a big big way! Have you all heard about the Miller High Life campaign for this year's Super Bowl? They have decided to give their ad spots to small businesses...really small businesses. It's a pretty extensive campaign, too. They have a complete website highlighting each business and their owners, links to their shops as well as the ad campaign that will run during the big game...the most expensive advertising spot on television!

I've said before, small is the new big, and it's great to see the big guys trying to navigate that. Don't think I'm naive, I know it's a Miller High Life campaign and they know the value of what they're doing...the big corporate pat on the back for supporting small business while advertising themselves. In this case, I'm okay with it. Those small businesses are going to benefit more from this campaign than Miller will. Miller itself is supported by so many small businesses all over the world. The collective big-ness of every small bar, restaurant, cafe, frat house, etc. that supports Miller High Life is substantial. It's kind of like a big thank you to all of them while also giving a few small businesses an unparalleled opportunity - it's like winning the business lottery. I think it's great and I just might drink Miller High Life during this year's Super Bowl to show my thanks to such a huge company for supporting businesses like my own. I just want to add this one last thing: Miller High Life, when you do this ad campaign again next year, you should consider Moop. We're very small, don't mind being on camera and would love to be featured. Just think about it...ok?!

p.s. if you follow the links to "the other guys" one of the businesses is Jerry's Records, right here in Pittsburgh! And, another is Robert is Here, the most amazing fruit stand my family and I frequented all growing up during trips to south Florida.


  1. aw, i love it! and is the Deli still in Shadyside? shot many a pool game there...

  2. What an amazing opportunity for these small businesses. Just as Miller probably predicted this makes me want to support them too.


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