Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decorating with lemons

We have been in Pittsburgh for just about 7 months. When we arrived, we did the best we could to get things up and running hoping to minimize our down time. Everything came together nicely and it felt workable enough. One thing we have learned from the last several months running a high producing studio in a store front space is that you are always on display - often feeling like you're in a fish bowl. It was beginning to get to us. So, we rearranged (partly in preparation for a third sewing station..for our new assistant who will be starting soon!!) and we added some trees to the windows. They form a screen between the street and us without covering the windows with curtains. It's amazing how much a few trees can completely change the feel of a space. We added a HUGE schefflera, a plant whose name I can't remember and a lemon tree! We're growing lemons in the studio! This will be a fun experiment.

The next phase?? Custom building all of our shelving and parts storage....though, don't expect photos on that project any time soon...we're still sewing 7 days a week completing all of the orders in queue (if you're waiting on an order...it will arrive soon!).


  1. i love my moop. http://hellotaylarose.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/moop/

  2. Great workspace! I'm glad you finally got some help. I moved here last March and looked for some sewing related jobs but there really wasn't anything of interest. I do like the job I have now (very flexible hours that allow for our traveling) but what a great opportunity working with you people would be!

  3. Trees really liven up a space. Plus, lemons are great as a natural cleaner so you can scrub grime with them. Ha ha.

  4. Oh, do you sell out of your store front??

  5. Elizabeth, we accept orders in our storefront studio. We make every bag upon order so there is no "cash & carry" - but you are welcome to come by, place an order and see where everything is made.


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