Sunday, January 24, 2010

I double heart Chicago

We just returned from the most fun two days away in Chicago. It was so great! We arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed at The Blackstone. It was so beautiful and comfortable I would have been happy to not have done anything else but lounge around the hotel. I was feeling a little stressed to be gone from the studio for 2 days (we're so behind with orders, sewing and sewing and sewing 7 days a week). When we arrived and walked into the room, all of those worries vanished and it felt so so good to be away from everything. Even though I still had a few hours of email/web work to do before we could do anything else, I was so relaxed that it didn't matter.

After our bits of work were done we spent the evening wandering around the city, had a great dinner at Rodan then headed over to The Empty Bottle for the Joan of Arc show.

The show was sold out before the doors even opened and it did not disappoint. I met a number of Jeremy's pals for the first time - it was great to finally do so. It was, as promised, a variety show - with 12 acts, each playing for 15 min. sets, complete with a charming emcee. Jeremy's set was great! He played with Todd Mattei. Then, about 2/3 of the way through the night, a BIG surprise happened....Tim, Mike, Davey, Victor and Sam made their way to the stage and Cap'n Jazz reunited!!!! They were announced under the penname Local Cover Band and I was so happy to be there!

We started the next day with brunch at Flo's. Every time I have been there, I have left feeling as though I have just had the best meal ever. No exaggeration. Then we walked all over Wicker Park for some exploring.

We stopped in a great furniture store called Stitch because they had the Gus couch I've been wanting. Seeing it in person made me want it even more! It definitely lives up to the hype. It is so well made and beautifully designed.

I checked out the Renegade Shop (fun to finally see).

I bought a coat from Penelope. After spending a long time trying things on and wanting everything in there it has become one of my favorite clothing shops. They have a nicely edited collection of all my favorite brands.

We stopped in Alliance Bakery for Macaroons (they were delicious!).

Then we wandered over to Quimbys where we bought a few new books, one of which I can't wait to start reading, Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing and the Erosion of Integrity.

It was a great trip, full of everything I wish I could do on a daily basis. In short, the perfect weekend getaway. Let's do this more often, ok!?!!


  1. I think it was serendipity that I came across this when I did.

    There is the possibility that I will be moving to Chicago in six months. I will be visiting in March first. And it seems everywhere I turn there are great things I keep hearing about this city.

    All signs I guess? Thanks for being one of them!

    (Also, a very well written post... I will definitely be checking out those stores when I visit. Already bookmarked!)

  2. Just the thought of a cap'n jazz reunion makes me smile ear to ear:) Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. i just bought a coat at penelope's too! via the internet. i love that shop i cant wait to visit it in person!

  4. That book sounds great. I just requested a sample on Kinde.


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