Monday, February 15, 2010

Actuators and such

When Jeremy joined me full time at Moop, he took on multiple jobs. He learned to sew immediately (I'm certain he's better than I am, now), he took over managing the cutting room & parts preparations and he handles a large portion of the bookkeeping. Jeremy's background, as many of you know, is in music, art, electronics and teaching. He left a tenure track teaching position to join me and share partnership of Moop - while I know he has no regrets on making that major career change, I am always worried if it is challenging enough for him. Moop is all consuming but it's not mechanical engineering, arduino or computer programming conversation (instead, we're all audio books about bank robbers, sewing and customer questions via email). I mean, our machines, while they are super duper industrial workhorses…they're not that complicated to use. They don't have electronic buttons and actuators and all that stuff that goes into much of the art and music based work that Jeremy does….until now, that is!

As a Happy Valentines Day present to my beloved partner (really, it was purely coincidence that the machine was delivered on the last workday before VDay..but, that is beside the point - it makes my story better) we just purchased a new machine. It has a COMPUTER on it! There are solenoids and actuators and stitch counters and automatic thread trimmers and hands free reverse stitching (I am jealous of this feature) and a parts manual that rivals the McMaster Carr Catalog (his typical bedside reading).

The acquisition of this new machine was in preparation for our new studio assistant (she starts today..we'll introduce her soon). We are so so excited to have Emily working with us. She will be Jeremy's direct assistant and will ease our workload immensely. Our studio is now jam packed with machines, tables, fabric, bags, computers and us. We have not had a single moment to work on the upstairs part of the studio which, once finished, will move the office out of the downstairs and allow the production space to spread out a bit. Ack! Writing all of this is stressing me out all over again..we have so much to do! ….breathe in, breathe out.


  1. What a beauty!! I hide my sewing machines out in my studio. My husband isn't sure of everything I have but hey, I don't ask about his gun collection. Ha ha. Between the Juki, the Pfaff, the two Vikings, the Babylock and the vintage Singers I'm beginning to think I like sewing machines more than sewing. =P

  2. Hi moop! happy birthday! :0) i'm from Venezuela and love your work! looking foward to read about the newest member of moop, Emily. By the way, what do you think about the Juki machine? i'm thinking about buying and industrial one so your review would be helpful, bye!


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