Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Delays

Today is the first day since Friday we will attempt to venture to the studio. The snow has been unbelievable! 20 inches (though, from all the shoveling we've been doing my back would say it was 40 inches). I know, I know, you live in Minnesota or the North Pole and you're thinking, "20 inches! Wuss." Pittsburgh, however, does not get 20 inches of snow…ever. And, we live on a hill…a hill that seemed insignificant until it snowed 20 inches and we could not get to our house via automobile.

I just wanted to let you all know, orders will be delayed (just like school and mail delivery in Pittsburgh). We have not been able to sew for 3 straight days and it will take us a bit to get caught up. We shipped out a large batch of orders on Friday afternoon - just before the snow started. I can't say for certain if they will arrive within their usual 2-3 days but they are on their way. Please be patient with us as we get things back up and running. We are still just a few people trying to make every Moop bag.


  1. Here in Pittsburgh, I used my MOOP bag to carry groceries home from my big, snowy hike to the grocery store. Thanks MOOP!

  2. i hope you got the much deserved snow days off:)

  3. Well that explains it. =0) I live in California and we had three feet two weeks back. We had to shovel 100 yards to break out and only my husband and I were shoveling. Um, I understand. Ha ha.

  4. Believe me you're not a wuss! I moved from the Erie area (huge snowbelt region) to here (Pittsburgh) last March and I've never seen so much snow all at once! I put on my 'Queen of Shoveling' sash Saturday morning and found myself crying Uncle a few hours later! I'm just to the point where my muscles aren't screaming at me and sonofa@%&#$ if it isn't snowing again!!!

  5. you're so lucky! i wish we'd get some snow up here!


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