Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes we're all geeks.

I am a geek about a lot of things. For instance, I am always thinking about the intricate ways in which we build our bags - where stress points fall versus how the top stitching looks next to the overlap of seams - I obsess over where those seams join together and (as anyone who as worked for me will tell you) I will not let a crooked seam leave the studio.

I am a little bit geeky about basketball, too. I can't talk stats and junk, I just love the "teamness" (um…hello Celtics, why on earth would you go a trade part of the heart and soul of the team and send Eddie House to the Knicks??!!!), the rivalries, the announcers, the history, the overall fabric of the sport. I just finished listening to a book by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson..I know, geek is written on my forehead.

Right this second, I am geeking out over Public Radio. There is now an iPhone app for This American Life. It has all of the search capabilities of the website and it streams everything right to your phone.
Go get it.
You neeeeed this in your life.
I'm serious. The $2.99 spent on this app will make your life slightly better - you will burn extra calories from laughing more, you'll be a better conversationalist, you'll be more empathetic, you'll have 400 hours of airtime literally in your pocket.

I love technology.


  1. I'm SO cut from the same cloth-- I work out details for my products in my head, working out the placement of a D-ring or zipper without touching any fabric at all.

    And I love sports [watching them, never playing] especially golf. As a designer for my own product line, I feel like I can relate to golfers, armed only with their caddies, making crucial game decisions.

    Funny how 2 seemingly dissimilar interests, design and sports, seem to go hand in hand...never would've guessed it.

  2. Technology is just so amazing - I'm on the other side of the world reading about listening to the same people talking about the same things (ie This American life podcasts!) Blows me away how small the world it.


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