Friday, March 26, 2010

The weekend!

Today was the first day in at least a month that it did not take me 45 minutes to get to the studio. We live 2 1/2 miles away - the reason we chose this neighborhood to locate our business was its proximity to our house. If the studio could not be in our living space, we needed it close by. But, it has proven to not have mattered - the construction in our studio's neighborhood is insanely infuriating. There have only been a handful of days since we moved in that have been construction traffic free. As hard as I try to keep my cool and not start my day off in a frustrated tornado, I am not always very successful. Most days I arrive feeling like I have lost almost an hour of my life that I cannot get back….that does not make for a good start to any day. I know I know, if I were more centered and more accepting of the ebbs and flows of life (and construction) I would embrace those minutes in the car as a time of solace and rejuvenation. But, when you're surrounded by honking cars and idiot drivers and people screaming from windows and sirens and bulldozers…it's hard to find that mental space. I do my best to try.

But, today! Today there was NO traffic! I am sure this indicates the start to a great weekend. We've rented a dumpster and we're getting back to working on the house - yay! Saturday and Sunday will be long satisfactory days hauling junk and plaster from the house to the large red dumpster. There is still so much to pull out of there and I'm looking forward to the purging of all the debris.

Ahhhh…there's nothing quite like looking forward to meeting the dumpster delivery person, eh?! Wishing you the same sort of weekend :)


  1. nothing worse than living close to something - esp 2 miles - and having it take almost an hour. how frustrating! on another note, i love the lucky cat!

  2. A dumpster made such a huge difference in our renovations. Once we were able to clear all the crap out of the house, basement, and garage it was like a weight lifted and we were able to get down to business and work like mad men getting things done. Hopefully the same happens for you.

  3. Get a great bicycle! Or, get a tricycle and commute. 2.5 miles would only take a few minutes and you could get some fancy side baskets, a front basket. Check out the Electra Townie. I LOVE mine!

  4. Here in the Big City a bike really does make sense if you have a safe place to ride. I'm constantly stuck in traffic and after the storm earlier this month my commute went from 15 minutes to an hour and a half!! I moved here last year from a town where more than three cars was considered a traffic jam so this has not been fun!
    Good luck with your renovations, hopefully longer and warmer days will help!


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