Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Stock!

We have just added a new section to our website. It's called IN STOCK and means just that! We have been working towards this day for...well... two and a half years. You see, it was November of 2007 when a little site called Etsy got in touch and said they would like to feature Moop (we were only 6 months old then), and well... feature us they did!

Etsy was much much smaller then, but it didn't change that we were completely slammed with orders. So slammed that we flew my mother-in-law in from Pittsburgh to Massachusetts to help out - we worked around the clock, barely had time for Christmas that year, learned everything I never knew about dealing with a rush of customers (who were and are awesome!), learned about accounting, expedited shipping, managing an order database, figuring out how to make multiple bags at one time, how to let people help me, how to be consistent, how to say no and how to set goals to keep from drowning in the number of people who were suddenly interested in what I was doing. That feature (and a few other timely projects) catapulted me to the position of making a real sound go of this business. That decision has completely consumed my life...and now Jeremy's life. While it has only been a few years, it feels like an eternity has passed. So much has happened since that feature. We have had some great press, we have hired studio assistants, we have moved the studio 3 times, we have left careers to start new careers, we have moved our business and family to an entirely new (new for me) city (with little time to enjoy the city itself and no time to meet the awesome people who live here!), we work every single day, we have grown from one bag design (The original Market Bag) to a full line of styles for men, women and little munchkins and we're still growing (next, bags for puppies…I'm kidding!). We have been working towards having a stock of bags ever since our Etsy feature 2 1/2 years ago! Our rate of growth has been steadily ahead of what we could produce in a day and every bit of press or holiday or sale or whatever that drove even more sales bogged us down further. We have learned so much about efficient production methods, pricing (you can't have a successful business if you can't pay yourself), sourcing, advertising and frankly, about running a business that plans to grow, all while simultaneously sewing & shipping the daily orders that come in. We have by no means learned it all but we have accomplished one of our biggest goals - A STOCK OF BAGS! It is so completely satisfying to have finally met this goal - yay!!!!

Thanks for being such awesome people, supporting our business, following our growth, giving us your feedback, sharing your amazing stories, writing about us on your blogs and in your magazines and helping us become one of the many small business owners making a living making things.

You can find that In Stock section by clicking here. There are currently a few colors of Market Bags, Letter Bags and the few remaining Organic Market Bags.

We will add anything we have in stock to this section so check back often. In Stock items will ship within 2 business days (awesome, right!). Oh, and Mother's Day is right around the corner, so if you order within the next few days you will receive your bags just in time to show your Mamas how much they mean to you!


  1. It's so good to hear that things have gone so well for you guys. I've just got one little hip pouch, but I've enjoyed watching the moves and following on twitter and just generally watching things take off for you. I hope things keep going like they have so far!

  2. Congratulations! I bought my mother a market bag for her birthday a few years ago and it is still her favorite everyday bag. She loves it. ...and I have been envious ever since.

    It's so nice to follow your (success) story.

    Now I just need to save a few and get the provincial blue porter bag for myself...

  3. Congrats! Having the "in stock" option is so great. I just ordered the small messenger (my 7th bag or so) and even though it wasn't in stock it is more than worth the wait.


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