Monday, April 26, 2010

NEW (and in stock) Organic Market Bags!

I am so excited to introduce our newest collection of Market Bags! We have been working hard behind the scenes to source some new and exciting fabrics and are thrilled to be working with 100% organic USA grown, milled & dyed cotton canvas. It is amazing quality with an almost linen feel. We are offering it in 4 versatile colors, each with different colored linings. We had hopes of making these available in time for Earth Day…but, really, shouldn't everyday be a day we think about our impact on the Earth? We think so and we are excited to add a few sustainable and organic fabrics to our line.

You can find the new Organic Market Bags in all three of our shops:

The Moop Website,

our Etsy shop


our home on Supermarket!

We also wanted to let you know, we have several of each color combination in stock and ready to ship…just in time for Mother's Day! You probably thought the day would never come when you could order a Moop bag and have it before the week was over…well, that time is now - thanks to Emily and Marlene, our hardworking members of the Moop team who are helping Jeremy and I with our work load!

We can guarantee the few that are in stock will not last long…so, order quick and they'll ship out within 2-3 days. Please note, because we are managing orders from three sources, only orders for the Organic Market Bags placed directly on our website will ship within 2-3 days - once they sell out, orders will be on our standard 2 week turnaround...there are only a few of each color hurry up!

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