Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a NEW bag! (finally)

We know the value of a large bag. Functional, stylish, well constructed space is something we have built our name on. But, we know...some of our bags are large! We have listened to your requests, your pleads, your valuable feedback and we have designed a smaller size of one of our most popular bags...introducing the small Messenger!

It's a hybrid of all of our bags. We have taken the uber useful interior pocket layout of The Letter Bag, the simple top flap of The Bookbag, the construction method of the larger Messenger, the craftsmanship of The Market Bag (the bag that started it all!), the water proof cordura used on many of the other bags, added two useful front pockets (one with a snap to keep your phones & iPods easily accessible but safe in place) made the standard length strap 4o inches (with an option for 55"), used welded steel hardware for extra durability and used nickel & lead free plastic zippers….hmmmm, what else? Oh, they're still all designed and manufactured, start to finish, in our Pittsburgh studio.

We have just two colors currently listed in the shop but we will be adding many more. If you don't see what you want, let us know! We plan to offer in the following combinations:

::: Rosewood corded canvas lined in charcoal cordura (in shop now)
::: Brushed Brown canvas lined in organic golden yellow cotton (in shop now)

::coming soon:: (see the original Messenger for color reference)

::: Brushed Brown canvas lined in teal cordura
::: Sand corded canvas lined in teal cordura
::: Provincial Blue corded canvas lined in charcoal cordura
::: Tan brushed canvas lined in bright red cordura
::: Slate brushed canvas lined in matte black cordura
::: Hunter brushed canvas lined in matte black cordura
::: Gunmetal lined in charcoal cordura

If you would like to order one of the "coming soon" colors, simply place your order for one of the colors currently listed in the shop then include a note (or follow with an email) letting us know what color you would like.


  1. Ahh!! I die! Fantastic colour combinations, I love the soft structured (?) shape. Wendy you make it hard to resist!

    Is it just me or does the brushed brown canvas look like it's a greenish brown. yum yum....

  2. I'm eager to jump on the brown/organic cotton, but on your website it says it is lined with water resistant cordura. I am by no means a fabric expert, so I have to ask, is the lining cotton or cordura and if it is cotton, how does it compare in strength and wear compared to the cordura? Thank you!

  3. whatsthatfluffinmyhead: yes! the brown has undertones of olive...it's so so so SO nice!

    wabiSabi: Ack! you keep catching all of my typos! thanks!
    so...er...the organic lined bag is lined NOT in cordura (as you might have read..i've corrected that) but IS in fact lined in organic cotton. The cordura is definitely the more durable of the two materials. It also provides more structure...so, you can expect the organic lined bag to be a bit softer. Hope that helps and thanks again for catching all my mistakes!

  4. Looks great! I hope to one day own a bag.

  5. Lovely! Saving up to purchase one soon. Will the letter bag ever be offered in a smaller version?

  6. Thank you so much. I absolutely LOVE it! Will be contacting you directly regarding the bag. :)

  7. Oooh! I was just thinking how my market bag wouldn't extend enough for a trip my husband and I are taking. This would be the perfect cross-body bag....

  8. Almost ready to purchase this one. I was stalking the website daily to catch a glimpse. I need a week to decide on color. Now I own 6 bags, seven maybe. Sometimes you just find something you love and nothing else can compare. That's Moop to me!

  9. Get the color that you notice first. Usually that's the one you want. :) Another Moop addict here, too. I have even tried some other Moop-like bags from Etsy in an lame effort to save money and/or get colors Moop doesn't offer, but ended up selling them or giving them away...I am spoiled by the Moop organization and construction. Basically if you find a bag brand that works, stick with it! :)

  10. Oh nooo! Moop bags are my kryptonite. I can feel myself getting weaker now.
    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to get one. :)

  11. LOVE this bag!! I'm guessing that I got a sort of 'prototype' around Christmas when I ordered a bookbag for myself.

    I'm loving the letter bag, so I shared it with my sis and she is smitten for sure!! SO CUTE!

    I would love to see Black lined in Teal. LOVE THE TEAL!

  12. Hi Wendy-- I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the Moop bag I purchased a little while ago... the design, construction & style are amazing! I've been raving to everyone and posted a little review over at my blog, in case you need a reference from yet another satisfied Moop customer. Thanks!

  13. I would love, love if you made the Market Bag in a smaller size! I would buy one in every color and bake you cookies weekly!

  14. Hi Wendy,

    I just received the two small messenger bags and love, love, love them. I am especially thrilled with the two interior d-rings -- they are so handy for lassoing little pouches. Thanks for continuing to tinker and invent!


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