Thursday, May 20, 2010


I do not very often write about music on this here blog because I mostly make terrible judgments and post about terrible music. I am often impulsive...listening once, reacting quick, listening a second time and then regretting letting anyone ever know I considered said music to be listen worthy. It is safe to say, I do not know much about music and Jeremy did not marry me for my taste in or knowledge of music. I know some stuff...but, I'm not up on much current music. But, this morning I came across Phoenix. And, yes, I have only listened once (ok, twice while eating my breakfast), but I really do like it! They were on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert and I guess they charmed me. You can watch it here. Who do I have to thank for introducing me to this? The Debonaire.


  1. I'll vouch for your recommendation. Phoenix really is really good! And did you know (you probably did, since you're married to Jeremy) that they're Air's backing band? So, they have chops. This is definitely one of my most favorite records right now!

  2. Love the Phoneix. To my surprise, they have quite a french accent.

  3. Ahh I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm just spreading the good word :)


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