Saturday, May 8, 2010

special edition

Parker asked me for a new bag about 4 months ago and I have finally had an opportunity to make her one. She wanted a tote style bag...with stripes. This is a special edition of 1 :: and I love how it looks. The colors are perfect together. I hope she loves it (you all are seeing it even before she has!).

**UPDATE** it's monday morning and parker has her new tote all packed up for school....she likes it!


  1. This is really too cute. Love it!

  2. awesome! it's a great color combination, of course.

    best ~ Annri

  3. EEEEK! i am in love! pretty much my two favorite colors ever.

  4. adore this, Wendy! you're the best of moms!

  5. It is just lovely! Super cute.

  6. What a lucky girl! This is adorable!! How awesome that you can do special things for her like this. Your cool mom points must've gone way up!


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