Thursday, June 17, 2010

whut whut, da email. (holla for the Strong Bad reference!)

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to remind you all to sign up for our email newsletter.  We will be using it as our newest way to let you know what's going on at Moop (ahem…and to announce special sales, deals, new designs, exclusives, etc.).  We are new to email newsletters so bear with us while we learn the ropes and whatnot.  But, those of you who received our first note did not hesitate to take advantage of the special customer appreciation sale that went on for the last 2 weeks - and for that, we thank you!!

All of you who know us and have followed our growth, development, relocations, family stories, Moop stories, excitements, nervousnesses and all else know our story.  For those of you who don't, in a nutshell: 

girl makes bag, girl discovers the power of the internet, girl sells bag, girl learns to really really sew, girl invests in her new company works her ass off, girl makes and sells lots and lots and lots of bags, girl's husband leaves his career to work his ass off in girl's company (which becomes their company), together they work long long days, finally they hire two amazing women who make their lives easier and happier, now they must grow and grow to keep their company growing so they can keep making you the bags you know and love.  plus they have an amazing 12 year old daughter and a funny great cat.

Sooooo..join our email list and receive great news.  Click HERE!!! 

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